Graciela V. Perez CPT NASM - (Founder)

In Home Training

Attending a gym can be hard when your schedule is busy especially if it's crowded at the time you have assigned to work out or you do not want people to see you working out. We can design a program to fit your schedule and needs to work out in your home and take all equipment needed to your place.
Training in offices during the work day

so you can relax at home. The company does not have to have a full gym, a small space or even a desk work out will help employees get their work out though the day and feel energized and toned. See 
Training in Gyms and facilities

We are mobile and go where you are in different areas of Los Angeles.(Los Feliz, Downtown, Hollywood, Beverly hills, Century City, Brent wood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades). More than 15 miles from there will be a 0.50 charge per mile over.
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Training on the set for the entertainment industry

Tired of sitting around until your next shoot?
-Gaining weight because of the food and sedentary time hanging around on the set?
-Gaining weight because of the food you eat on set?

We can conduct classes and fitness training on the shoot location so your actors/ crew can release stress and get in shape Stretching, Yoga, Pilates, Vizualization, Mindfullness. Can done while in costumes.
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Water training in pools with water equipment

Such as weights, Bands, fins and others. Combining the resistance of the water and different devices with a cardio workout that will increase metabolic rate burning fat and building stronger muscles from the inside out. Choose from different types of Aquatic training according to your preference. See more at

The option is subject to availability of a pool in you training area.
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Senior Fitness

60's is the new 40's !! Be strong and fit at any age...
Strength is not limited by age but by commitment to an exercise program that addresses age related issues that limit a person's ability to live life at its fullest. Many 60's and 70's are in better shape than when they where in their 30's. Seniors are in special need of resistance, flexibility and balance training to avoid osteoporosis, arthritis and other age related problems. Also, there is a special need for balanced nutrition that will boost energy and promote well being. Working abdominal muscles is a key and can be done sitting in a chair or standing. Water exercise is essential for people with arthritis and joint problems.To book a session
Beach/Mountain Blast

Boost your metabolism and overcome plateaus while getting healthier outdoors. To book
Kids Fitness

Kids obesity is becoming common around the world due to the proliferation of fast food, technology and TV. Encouraging kids to learn the importance of fitness and nutrition is the responsability of parents and schools. The activities must be motivating and creative!! Active kids will make healthier adults. Training can take place at the location of your choice. To book a session
On-line Training
If you want to train from any place we can set a flexible time for both you and the trainer to meet online and help you with training. This is better than watching a video because is virtual live and you can be corrected and motivated personally.We are going to take you out of your comfort zone and help you overcome any plateau that is preventing you from achieving your fitness goals. Also if you travel frequently we can meet at your hotel room or gym to take you through a complete workout session that will recharge your energy and prepare you for daily activities. Remote sessions are really affordable and you can work with your co-worker for a lower rate. To book

Start a body and lifestyle changing experience ! Let us help you discover the warrior within!

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