Graciela V. Perez CPT NASM - (Founder)


Our Approach to Fitness Training :


It takes in consideration the mind, body and soul of the client not just the body. We help you make healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices that will help you stay in shape for the long term. A nutrition expert is available for an hour consultation to go over your diet and habits together. Also, we can add stress management techniques sessions to reduce the causes of plateaus and withdrawals from your fitness programs.


We combine different fitness techniques (i.e. Pilates, cardio kick, Aquatic training, HIIT, Bootcamps etc) depending on your interest and needs.


Includes training in different environments like a park, beach, mountain, pool or gym. You choose. This will keep you motivated avoiding plateaus.

                                                             4-Includes nutrition guidelines and long term lifestyle changes :

 Giving you the tools and self-empowerment to avoid self-sabotage and old patterns that are holding you back from your fitness goals. Regain self-esteem and the ability to manage difficult situations working your way to your best self. Balance, strength and flexibility gained will make your body toner and slimmer from the inside out fueling your mind and soul.​​​