Graciela V. Perez CPT NASM - (Founder)


Lose weight, gain muscle strength and flexibility working according to your personality, schedule and preference in a healthy way for long term.
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-You tried to reach your fitness goals either on your own or with other methods but you don’t see results.
Reaching a plateau where everything does not seem to progress either the scale does not move or your fitness level does not progress is a consequence of working on your own and unconsciously within your comfort zone. The body adapts to the routine and stays in the same weight and fitness level leading to frustration.
-You are in your ideal weight but you feel out of shape and your body has no muscle tone.
Even if you reached your ideal weight, you do not feel confident in wearing that sleeveless dress or those shorts because you lost muscle tone? We are with you to regain toning without gaining fat and progressively get in your best shape ever.

-You have those rebel 3-5 pounds and even if you are not obese you cannot get rid of them.

Same as above your body is adapted to your routine and need a shocking but safe change. In both cases a trainer will push you safely out of your comfort zone but within your limits so you will not be at risk of injury. Correct posture and technique is essential to avoid injuries that can impact your health.​​

-You are not overweight and understand exercise as a health need but cannot get yourself to start.

The doctor told you and you know you need to exercise but you do not have the will power to go to a gym, feel overwhelmed with daily activities, you are shy or fearful of injuring yourself or any other reason. We will get you help you to overcome those obstacles and give you the support you need.
-You are obese and want to lose weight safely and get healthier.
If you are obese working out safely on your own can be difficult. Professional help will assist you get there progressively without risking your health. Our program will achieve results while increasing your motivation and incorporating healthy habits and lifestyle. Imagine a pound of fat is equivalent to 10 pounds in your joints. Therefore, the exercise selection will for a client with 15 pounds of excess will be different than for a client with 40 pounds of excess.
-You exercise but want to take your fitness to the next level or learn new things.
Either running a marathon, playing tennis or other sports or competition we have the program that will fit you best.

-We adapt the program to your schedules and personality. There is no one size fits all like in branded programs.

      -We use state of the art new methods which that include different disciplines for best results (interval training, pilates, yoga, aquatic fitness , plyometrics, weight lifting, TRX suspension, dance). Because our extensive years of experience we can best combine which ones are suitable for each client from beginners to athletes.

        -Motivation is a great component to achieve results so our workouts can also be conducted in different places according to your preferences and you will be able to change from the gym to the park or the mountain, Pool, the beach or just stay at the gym 

         -All packages include nutrition guidelines to get help you on the different stages of fitness.

Keep the results achieved and learn how to manage on your own​​​!!

Get to a higher level either in sports or as a fitness enthusiast​!
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